Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Bridegroom Matins and Final Presanctified Liturgy of this Year - Holy Wednesday

Judas Sells the Lord for 30 Pieces of Silver
Please find the sound files for the Bridegroom Matins on Holy Tuesday evening and the final Presanctified Liturgy of this year (from Holy Wednesday) at the links below. Note the extra Prayer of St. Ephraim after the Prayer behind the Ambo at the Liturgy. This marks the last prostrations done in Church until Pentecost Kneeling Vespers (with the exception of prostrations done before the icon of our Lord in the Grave later this week). Please join us soon for Divine Services in person at St. Vladimir's!

Bridegroom Matins - April 7, 2015

Hours and Presanctified Liturgy - April 8, 2015