Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Path for Bright Week

Please find below this week's edition of The Path. This week we do not have an interview. We had two excellent interviews already complete and ready to share with you – but unfortunately these were lost due to a technical problem. :( So in place of the interview we have a commentary from Fr. Gregory about Holy Week, Bright Week, and covering three questions that have been asked by parishioners for our “Ask the Priest” segment. These questions are:

1. How are we to treat prosphora? What are we to do with it? Is this is an after Communion snack or something more significant?

2. Why do we not serve Pannykhidas on Sundays throughout the year, and during all week days of Great Lent?

3. How often should we partake of Holy Communion and how should we prepare ourselves for this mystery?

We ask your forgiveness for the background noise on some of the liturgical selections for this week. The most beautiful hymns of Holy Week are often accompanied by veneration of the plashenitsa or some other movement in the church, and the microphone cannot distinguish between a cough, footsteps on our wooden floor, the bells of the censer, and the hymns. That being said, we have chose selections that have the least background noise and which we think will provide the most edification to our listeners. You will note too that we have no selections from the Paschal services. This is because there were simply so many people in the church that the sound of the choir was muffled somewhat significantly. That being said, the entire Paschal service has been posted on this blog and you are welcome to listen to it at any time. Listen to next week's Path for many Paschal hymns from the many Bright Week services. See you soon at St. Vladimir's!

The Path – Monday, April 13, 2015